• May 29, 2023

Frank Grillo Is Joining the DC Universe, Reveals What Led to Decision

Frank Grillo, who played Brock Rumlow/Crossbones in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, has spoken about why he is joining the DC Universe.

While talking with ComicBook.com, Grillo explained that he felt that his MCU character could have had a more substantial role in the universe and that he was disappointed by how little Crossbones appeared.

“I think Crossbones serves a purpose, but I think the interesting thing is that if you see how many people around the world have responded to Crossbones, and again, he’s on the screen for a very f–king short amount of time, I think there’s more there,” the actor said. “I think there was more meat on the bone. I was disappointed, which is why I went over to DC.”

The DC Universe’s first phase, called Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, will feature a multitude of different movies and television shows. A few of the announced projects include a Batman and Robin-focused movie called The Brave and the Bold, a Supergirl movie titled Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, a Swamp Thing film, and multiple TV shows.