• June 8, 2023

CLIMATE – rezal404

Book cover

Sima simplifies his topic, sometimes a little too much: “Anything that uses fossil fuel electricity produces greenhouse gases.” But by framing modern climate change as chiefly driven by human-caused increases in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere and hammering on the notion that the only effective way to combat it is collective action, he gives young readers easily graspable starting points for understanding both the problem and what to do about it. He also properly asserts the interconnectedness of rising worldwide temperatures and challenges like air pollution, deforestation, waste plastics in the ocean, and the destructive practices of what he calls “Aggravated Agriculture” and highlights the significant roles of several Indigenous populations in maintaining sustainable environments. Sima’s suggested activities for readers rarely go beyond “organize a club”—still, though couched in generalities, his scary references to the “sixth mass extinction” and already-evident threats to human civilization are provocative enough to prompt concern…and, likely, active responses. Miriam’s brightly hued cartoon views of groups of racially diverse children smilingly engaged in green activities or speaking out through megaphones do lighten the overall tone.

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