• June 10, 2023

Podcast: From first to last with Our Last First

Lucinda Coyle and Samuel Xavier discuss their play Our Last First

Lucinda Coyle and Samuel Xavier join us this week to talk about their show Our Last First. On first glance, it may seem a simple love story, but it doesn’t need much digging to discover why this is so much more. For a start, it’s written without any character features, so no gender, age, appearance, or anything else that might usually be used to place a character into a particular category. And then to mix it up even more, all four actors are cast each evening for any of the four roles, which means the show could, and will, be different every night as the dynmaics between characters change.

There’s a lot going on, and so we try to cover it all as we chat to the writer (Lucinda) and director (Samuel) on why they choose to set the bar so high, whether this makes rehersals a whole lot harder, and just what this means for the audience.

Our Last First comes to The Space on Canary Wharf 6 – 14 June, bookings ⁠here⁠. The show will also be livestreamed and available on demand for two weeks afterwards.

Our Last First

The Space

6 – 14 June

Meet A & B. Watch as they go through the first and lasts of their relationship. With Friend and Sibling editing and affecting their journey along the way.

Except that isn’t where this play ends. Written without any pronouns, genders, names, ages, or physical description this play is designed to be played by any and every actor. But there’s another catch. Four actors walk onto the stage at the start of every show, and the roles are live cast. Every show is a unique combination, and a different love story. One night you will watch a couple deal with societies view on same sex marriage, the next focuses on trans love, love across different cultures and the list continues.

One script, infinite love stories. You’ll laugh, cry, learn, and watch some of your own firsts and lasts being performed in front of your eyes.

Tickets available here.

Our Last First will also be livestreamed on 8, 11 and 12 June, and then available for two further weeks on-demand. Details for booking these available here.