• May 28, 2023

Expert Tips for Boosting Your Stamina

No matter how many times you’ve rehearsed a dance in the studio, getting onstage can feel like the air has suddenly become thinner. Between the nerves and adrenaline likely boosting your heart rate and the size of the stage demanding you to travel further than you’re used to, it’s normal to find yourself huffing and…

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Jau Umandal lauds Bryan Bagunas for boosting Philippine volleyball’s credentials – rezal404

Bryan Bagunas (left) and Jau Umandal. –WIN STREAK/SPIKERS TURF FILE PHOTOS MANILA, Philippines — Newly-crowned Spikers’ Turf Open Conference MVP Jau Umandal credited Bryan Bagunas for bringing Philippine volleyball to greater heights after winning a championship and an MVP plum in Taiwan’s Top Volleyball League. As he is one of the four players trying out…

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