• May 28, 2023

Adam McKay’s Average Height, Average Build heads to Netflix

Average Height, Average Build will reunite Adam McKay with Netflix following 2021’s Oscar-nominated Don’t Look Up. After a search that started back in March, Adam McKay will be reuniting with Netflix for his next feature, Average Height, Average Build. This would be McKay’s second consecutive feature with the streaming giant, following 2021’s Don’t Look Up.…

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How Actors Can Build an Acting Business Plan in 5 Steps. — OnStage Blog

— The 5 Day/5 Month Planner is a fast and furious guide to getting you motivated, confident and moving towards your acting goals without waiting for any permission or “the right time. ” This is your career, and you’re in control. You’ll have 5 days to put together your 5-month plan. Each day will have…

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