• June 8, 2023

Apple TV’s Fantastic Silo Plays Out Like Great Sci-Fi Literature | TV/Streaming

Of course, like a lot of sci-fi fiction, “Silo” has a great deal to say about the society of the people who are watching it too. It doesn’t feel coincidental to watch a show about a society that’s essentially impacted by a lockdown in the 2020s. And themes of control over women’s bodies and control…

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Infiltrating Literature | Christine Smallwood – rezal404

Christine Smallwood In September 2022 Bret Easton Ellis, who in the 1980s had been, alongside Jay McInerney and Donna Tartt, one of the leading lights of an informal group of writers known as the literary Brat Pack, published The Shards, his first novel in thirteen years. Decades removed from his precocious fame, “perhaps the trauma…

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16 classic literature retellings, remixes and reimaginings – Modern Mrs Darcy – rezal404

Longtime readers know I’m a soft touch when it comes to classic literature retellings. I will read a few pages of almost any Jane Austen retelling that crosses my shelf, no matter how outlandish the premise may seem. But whether or not I keep reading a retelling depends on two important factors: Is the retelling…

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