• June 10, 2023

Actors Who Used Body Doubles For Nude Scenes

It’s not uncommon for actors to employ a double for particularly intense stunts — not to mention, a good stand-in comes in handy while the lights and camera are being positioned. But there’s another reason why an actor or director might request a body double on set: Nude scenes. While some actors are ready to strip…

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Judge Dismisses ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Nude Scene Lawsuit

At the very end of 2022, Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, the stars of the popular 1968 film of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet filed suit against the movie’s distributor, Paramount Pictures, accusing the company of “sexually exploiting them and distributing nude images of adolescent children.” Whiting and Hussey claimed that the movie’s director, Franco Zeffirelli, had “assured both actors that there would…

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