• May 30, 2023


It’s easy to see how a new neighbor who is “hulking and hairy, / fearsome and scary” could make a bad first impression on everyone in the kingdom—or practically everyone, anyway. Despite a few unfortunate incidents during certain royal events, young Pru thinks he might just be lonely…and so neither she nor cannier readers…

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Cary Elwes shunned sword movies after The Princess Bride

It took the comedic genius of Mel Brooks for Cary Elwes to pick up a sword following 1987’s The Princess Bride. One can only imagine how many times a week someone shouts “As you wish!” at Cary Elwes. The role of Westley from The Princess Bride is easily the signature role of Cary Elwes. But…

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Book Review: “The Furry Princess”

…she’s a ballet dancer! Writer Vicki Crain has created a spunky, yet clumsy, little tiger named Sasha who is a princess in her kingdom, the youngest child of the king and queen. In this colorful children’s picture book, illustrated by Christopher Scott Bell, the kingdom where Sasha lives is populated with adorable animals who love…

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