• May 30, 2023

Tons of Big, Huge, and Giant Prompts!

Sometimes you just need a tiny prompt to serve your purpose, but other times you need a whole bunch of big, huge, and GIANT prompts! To get your students thinking big, we’ve got a gigantic list of 50 gargantuan (colossal, enormous) prompts below, with an additional 50 huge (immense, mammoth) prompts in the giveaway at the…

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Tons of Fast & Slow Prompts

Speed up! Slow down! Hurry hurry — but hang on! Sometimes you need some speed-related prompts for your improvisation games or playwriting projects, and we won’t keep you waiting. Here is a collection of 25 speedy and 25 languid prompts (50 prompts total!), with a collection of exit slip questions and a handy link round-up…

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